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Paint Protection

Damage to your car’s clear or color coat can keep your car from looking its best. Swirls, bird dropping stains, minor scratches, and spider webbing can cause your paint to look dull, peel fade, or spot. Amare’s team has the expertise you need to resolve each common issue.


This type of damage can be identified by the way the scratches seem to swirl around light. This effect is caused by thousands of straight scratches close together and can diminish gloss and shine. Not to worry! Amare’s experts will be able to polish any swirls, leveling your paint and correcting it.


Bird Dropping Stains

Amare’s experts are familiar with how quickly bird droppings can damage a good paint job. Acidic components found in the droppings can actually damage your clear coast and if allowed to sit long enough, create an etching in the paint. We will remove the droppings, polish, and restore the original paint to prevent long lasting damage.


Minor Scratches

Scratches on your car’s clear or color coat are common, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave with them. Trust Amare’s team to quickly repair scratches on your vehicle. Keep your ride looking as good as new with our reliable scratch repair.

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Spider Webbing

Similar to swirls, spider webbing is created by tiny scratches clustered together in a web-shaped pattern. Spider webbing happens commonly due to car washes that are not touchless. Because spider webbing commonly affects clear coat layers, it’s important to have help from our experts to polish and restore your car’s coat.

spider webbing

Take pride in your ride again with our paint correction services. Schedule your appointment today.