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Amare Auto Spa is an auto detailer in Charleston, SC committed to setting a new standard in washing, detailing, and waxing. Our name is Latin for love to represent our devotion to treating your car with the highest love, care, and respect.

We have expert training with the best products. Our passionate technicians are Gtechniq and GlassParency certified. We value bringing you the best customer service above all else. Take pride in your ride.

Alex Bauckman

Alex Bauckman has over 10 years of certified detailing experience in paint protection for a variety of automobiles, watercraft, and aircraft. Alex wanted to follow his childhood passion for cars by racing at VIR and Summit Pointe. After a stint in corporate America, he began researching and attending courses on the best paint protectant products for his detailing clients. With Alex’s dedication and attention to detail, you can trust that you are in the right hands.

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Interior Detailing

This is an extensive cleaning, sanitizing, renewing, and protection for the whole interior. We deep clean all the carpets, seats, floor mats, and upholstery which removes stains/smells and removes them. We remove crumbs from the cracks, gaps, and in between the panels/ sections. We clean the vents, buttons, screens, middle console, and shifter area. Then we protect all the surfaces one everything inside has been cleaned.

Exterior Detailing

This includes removing all waxes/polishes and decontaminating the paint (removing tar, brake, dust, debris particles, industrial pollution, and overspray). Then we apply wax, polish, and seal. This process will give your paint up to 2 years protection. In addition, we clean wheel wells and tires, polish and shine wheels, clean the engine bay and door seals, and remove buildups.

Paint Corrections

We remove swirls, bird dropping stains, clear coat stains, minor scratches in the paint, and spider webbing (this happens because of some car washes that aren’t touchless). If your paint is starting to fade, this process corrects it and you will see a mirror finish.

Ceramic Coatings

From Gtechniq, Crystal Serum forms an ultra-durable, high-gloss, slick to touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9th optically clear ceramic.

The high density ceramic layer that is resistant to chemicals, makes bonded contaminants such as tree sap, tar and hard water spots much easier to remove.

Trim Restoration

Restore faded, dull trim on the interior or exterior of your car. We can restore all types and colors of time to their original luster. Restore dashboards, side doors, and seats of your car. Protect from exposure all year round.

Headlight Restoration

Clean and polish headlights to restore the function and safety of your vehicle. If you’re having a hard time seeing at night, it may be time for headlight restoration. Car headlights can oxidize overtime from being exposed to UV rays and improperly restored headlights could speed up this process. Our experts can correctly clean and polish your headlights and apply a heat seal to keep them from decaying down the road.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Remove dust, dirt, and grime from the space where your engine is held. The engine bay holds some of the most important parts of your car: the engine, transmission, and exhaust and gets dirty very quickly. Amare’s expert detailing will ensure that your engine bay looks great and stays safe.

Car Show Prep

Show the true beauty of your car with complete car show detailing. Our experts have participated in many car shows and know the kind of detailing the judges will be looking for. We can clean, wash, and wax to get your car in pristine condition.

Track Day Cleaning

Track day requires preparation before and after your event. Amare will help prepare your car by making sure the maintenance is up to date and clean corrosive brake dust, inspect tires and wheels, and detail any necessary materials.