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Ceramic Coating

What Does It Do?

From Gtechniq, Crystal Serum forms an ultra-durable, high-gloss, slick to touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9th optically clear ceramic.

The high density ceramic layer that is resistant to chemicals, makes bonded contaminants such as tree sap, tar and hard water spots much easier to remove.

Why Should I Choose Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coatings include full exterior details, plus paint correction, prep for application and then added layers of protection provided by Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings from 5- 9 years. Services take a minimum of 2 days to complete, total time is dependent on paint condition, but the results are absolutely amazing and worth it.

We are Gtechniq Accredited able to apply the 9 year Crystal Serum Ultra, arguably one of the best coatings available. This is the best way to protect your investment for years to come, let us lock in that beautiful paint work.


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The nature of Crystal Serum Ultra means it cannot be purchased off the shelf but has to be applied by a trained, Gtechniq Accredited Detailer – masters of the craft of detailing.